I want to welcome you to my collection of some of the  
 finest racing and breeding pigeons in the world. I am  
 proud to introduce you to my loft and birds that are  
 placing Ganus Family Loft (GFL) and many other  
 fanciers at the top of international one loft races, local  
 clubs and combines. Take a look at the accomplishments  
 of the GFL birds here in the US and all over the world.   
 Here in the US, Ganus Family Loft has helped   
 numerous fanciers win about every race there is as well   
 as national loft and national ace awards.   
 Ganus Family Loft is the 1st loft in the world to win 3 of  
 the most prestigious races in the world - the South Africa  
 Million Dollar Pigeon Race in 2016, the Victoria Falls  
 World Challenge Final race in 2018 and the Hoosier
 Classic International One Loft Final Race in 2018.  
 The results did not happen overnight. I have spent many  
 years building a super collection of birds. I spend many  
 hours in the loft handling and studying my birds so I  
 can find the perfect couples.  
Over the years I have had the pleasure to meet many great people in the sport. I want to thank everyone who has placed their trust in Ganus Family Loft. Come  
join the Ganus team. Enjoy this wonderful sport by placing your results at the top of the race sheets with GFL birds.  
        Ganus Family Loft adds another Superstar to the Breeding Loft!  
        PREMIER MY PRICE - 2019 SAMDPR Final Race Winner  
2019 South Africa Million    
Dollar Final Race  
  - GFL wins 8th & 54th Place  
  - 7th, 18th, 46th places bred off GFL birds  
Ganus Family Loft  
Purchases the 2019 SAMDPR  
1st Place Final Race Winner -  
and the 2018 Golden Algarve  
1st Place Final Race Winner - THOMAS 6  
Ganus Family Loft  
Wins 1st Ace Pigeon and  
Equal 1st Place Final Race  
Hoosier Classic Million Dollar  
2018 One Loft Race  
GFL now the only loft to have  
1st Place Finished in the top 3  
money races in the world-  
South Africa Million Dollar Race  
Victoria Falls World Challenge  
Hoosier Classic Million Dollar Race  
GFL purchases 2018 SAMDPR
1st Place Final Race Winner -
GFL Wins 2018 Victoria Falls
World Challenge Final Race
1st and 3rd Places  
The Portugal 2018 Golden Algarve Final Race Winner comes to GFL!
Ganus Family Loft - 1st Ace Pigeon and Equal 1st Place Final Race
2018 Hoosier Classic Million Dollar One Loft Race
Ganus Family Loft wins again in one of the world's top one loft races - the 2018 Hoosier Classic MillionDollar Race in the USA. With initially 3177 race birds
entered, GFL had the 1st Ace Pigeon in the four race competion and also placed Equal 1st in the Final Race.
  The 1st Ace Pigeon - "SIMPLY THE BEST" placed:  
     - 69th     150 miles vs 2062 birds  
    - 91st     180 miles vs 2003 birds  
    - 22nd    217 miles vs 1891 birds  
    - 28th = 1st   351 miles vs 1535 birds  
2018 SAMDPR Final Race Winner now at Ganus Family Loft
Ganus Family Loft is excited to announce that we have purchased the 2018 South Africa Million Dollar Final Race Winner - "MIX". She will be joining our
Ganus Family Loft Wins 1st Place and 3rd Place Victoria Falls World Final Race
1st Loft in the World to win the 3 most presitgous races in the world -
The South African Million Dollar 2016 Final Race and the Victoria Falls World 2018 Final Race and the Hoosier Classic Million Dollar 2018 Final Race
RED MONKEY (GFL 371-2017) wins the Victoria Falls Challenge Final Race winning $200,000. Parents to RED MONKEY are:
WESTON (GFL 977-2009) - a son of MONA LISA and AVIATOR
PANDORA (GFL 978-15) - a full sister to MIKE HAS A VERY GOOD ONE
Ganus Family Loft has successfully bid for RED MONKEY!

million dollar banner

LAURA IS A BIG WINNER TODAY (GFL 267-15) wins the 2016 South Africa Million Dollar Final Race from 336 miles against 2,161 birds!  Also winning 1st
Country Challenge and 7th Place Grand Average Speed.  On February 6, 2016 the 2161 remaining birds in the 2016 South Africa Million Dollar Final Race were
released at 6:15 am into 70 degree weather and a light head wind.  As the day progressed, temperatures reached about 88 degrees with moderate head winds
and the possibility of some rain and thunderstorms. At 14:55, LAURA IS A BIG WINNER TODAY arrived all alone making a victory lap and landed on the
rooftop of the loft. To be alone on the loft must have been a strange feeling for her as there were usually groups of birds on the previous trainings and races. 
She finally made a move for the trapping area and was officially clocked at 14:57:35 with a flying time of 8 hours 42 minutes, 1130 ypm, a working race.
Then at 15:12:34 the second pigeon arrived - 15 minutes behind the winning pigeon.  No other winning bird ever recorded a 15 minute lead over the rest of
field in the previous nineteen Million Dollar Races.  There were 43 pigeons officially clocked on the day, the toughest and smartest pigeons that would not
give up, the real fighters of the loft.
As the crowd watched in the Monte Casino Ballroom in South Africa, my wife and I were watching on our computer.  When the winning pigeon was announced
my dream came true of winning this prestigious race.  The South Africa Million Dollar Final Race is like the Super Bowl to football, like the World Series in
baseball. This is the grand finale in our sport of racing pigeons.
My phone started ringing, my cell phone started ringing, the emails from around the world and the text messages that were coming in made this moment
unforgettable.  I realized that my plan to win the SAMDPR had materialized - select and buy the best from past Million Dollar pigeon races and build a
breeding loft that can breed me race contenders in the shortest amount of time.
I have always felt that winners breed winners and their blood is the future of our sport.  My breeding plan consisted mating UNTAMED DESERT - 1st Place
Winner 2013 South Africa Final Race to SAID IN SPUN SILVER - 2nd Place Winner 2013 South Africa Final Race, 1st Knock Out Winner, 4th Grand Average
Speed Winner, 23rd Car Race 5.   They produced MARGO'S TREASURE (GFL 51-2014).  I mated MARGO'S TREASURE to SUN CITY (DV 02656-10-85) and these
are the parents of LAURA IS A BIG WINNER TODAY.  SUN CITY also bred the 2012 South African Million Dollar Final Race Winner - REBELLOUS!  SUN
CITY's accomplishment is incredible - the only bird to have sired 2 South Africa Final Race Winners!!!!!!!!
In addition to 1st Place in the 2016 Final Million Dollar Race, GFL placed 22, 73, 226, 247, 284, 330, 397 ,486, 497, 511.
Ganus Family Loft's (GFL)s record in the previous Million Dollar Races includes:  2014 Million Dollar Final Race - 29, 72, 87, 156, 161 199, 238, 293 - 8 birds in
the prize money. 2013 Million Dollar Final Race - 53, 70.  2012 Million Dollar Final Race - 48, 120, 130;  12th and 17th Grand Average.  2011 Million Dollar Final
Race - 168th. 2010 Million Dollar Final Race - 69th.

South Africa 2013 Race- Incredible Results For GFL's "Mike Has A Very Good One"

An incredible race series for GFL's MIKE HAS A VERY GOOD ONE (GFL 483-13).  She placed 53rd in the Final Race from 411 miles against 3478 birds.  Her
overall winnings for the race series was over $100,000 USD.  She was a very consistent and tough racer through the whole series. Pedigree for MIKE HAS A
VERY GOOD ONE - Dam: daughter of Mona Lisa (GFL 487-06), Sire: Wolverine (Belg 3181936-09).

Top Winners in 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 South Africa Races Breeding at Ganus Family Loft

GFL has over 20 top racers from the South Africa Million Dollar Races breeding for us now.  Our latest acquisition from the South Africa Race series is
HALOVER (DV 7164-13-0270) - the 1st Place 2014 South Africa Million Dollar Final Race winner.  She joins the other superstars we've added to our loft.
The 1st and 2nd Place Winners in South Africa Million Dollar Final Race 2013 are breeding at Ganus Family Loft.   These birds were the top racers through
the whole series and came to the top to win the 2013 final race. The 1st Place Winner of the Final Race against 2,793 birds - UNTAMED DESERT. Also won 89th
Hot Spot Car Race 4, 57th Hot Spot Car Race 5. The 2nd Place Winner of the Final Race - SAID IN SPUN SILVER, also the Knock Out Winner and 4th Grand
Average Winner.
From the Million Dollar Final Race 2012 I acquired SORAIA - 36th Place 2012 Final Race and 1st Knock Out Winner. GFL also added SYLT ORPHEUS to our
breeding loft - the 2nd Place South Africa Million Dollar Race winner.
I went to South Africa for the 2011 final race and was impressed with two special birds - SUGAR SHACK and SORAIA. SUGAR SHACK won 59th in the Final
Race along with 63rd Hot Spot Car Race 1, 69th Hot Spot Car Race 2, 62nd Hot Spot Car Race 3, 29th Hot Spot Car Race 4 and 167th Hot Spot Car Race 5.
Spectacular race results. SORAIA was the Knock Out Winner and won 36th in the Final Race. The morning after the final race she handled like she never flew
a tough final race. She won 19th Hot Spot Car Race 1, 34th Hot Spot Car Race 4, 16th Hot Spot Car Race 5.
These are just the birds added to our loft from the SAMDPR series. They join the already outstanding breeders here at GFL.

In 2017 we added the top 6 winners from the Algarve One Loft Race in Portugal to our breeding program. The six birds will be mated together.