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South Africa 2013 Race- Incredible Results For GFL's "Mike Has A Very Good One"
The 2013 South Africa Million Dollar Race Series has come to an end.   What a ride!  The best race bird out of 9,000
entered pigeons - could it be MIKE HAS A VERY GOOD ONE  (GFL 438-13)?  Here is her race record.   15 x top 1%
MIKE HAS A VERY GOOD ONE is the highest pool winning bird ever entered in the South Africa Million Dollar Races.   She won
at 30 miles to 140 miles and again at 411 miles against the most birds ever released in the final race - 3,478 birds from the
best fanciers of the world.  MIKE HAS A VERY GOOD ONE must be one of my smartest and best racing pigeons that I have
ever bred.   Returning home soon!
                                  Mike Ganus  
The Top Winners in 2012 South Africa Race
Now Breeding at Ganus Family Loft
1st, 2nd, 9th Place Winners in South Africa Million Dollar Final Race 2012 are now breeding at Ganus Family Loft.   These
birds were the top racers through the whole series and came to the top to win the 2012 final race.
After having these birds sit in South Africa for 2 years I finally found a legal avenue to bring these 5 birds into the USA.  They
were tested by a South African Veterinarian, flown on a plane and accompanied by a person to Europe where they were
quarantined and then sent to the Canadian quarantine station before entering the USA.
UNTAMED DESERT - 1st Place along with top prizes such as:  89th Hot Spot Car Race 4, 57th Hot Spot Car Race 5 and 1st
in the Final Race.    SAID IN SPUN SILVER - 2nd Place along with top prizes such as 451st Hot Spot Car Race 3, 491st Hot
Spot Car Race 5 and 2nd Place in the Final Race.  SAID IN SPUN SILVER was also the Knock Out Winner.  Also excited about
buying the 9th Place Winner -TIP TOP also winner of 156th Hot Spot Car Race 2,  240th Hot Spot Car Race 3, 408th Place
Hot Spot Car Race 5 and 9th Place in the Final Race..
I went to South Africa for the final race in 2011 and was very impressed with 2 special birds - one being SUGAR SHACK -
said by many to be the best Sun City Million Dollar racer for some years now.  This racing machine won:  63rd Hot Spot Car
Race 1, 69th Hot Spot Car Race 2, 62nd Hot Spot Car Race 3, 29th Hot Spot Car Race 4, 167th Hot Spot Car Race 5 and
winning 59th Place in the Final Race.  Spectacular race results!   The other bird was the Knock Out Winner - SORAIA.  The
morning after the race she handled like she never flew a tough final race.  She won 19th in the Hot Spot Car Race 1, 333rd
Hot Spot Car Race 3, 34th Hot Spot Car Race 4, 16th Hot Spot Car Race 5 and 16th in the Final Race.
I feel that one loft racing is the direction our pigeon sport is headed and it's the fairest and only way a fancier is able to
compete against the best birds in our country.  In the case of races like the Million Dollar race it's the opportunity to race
against the best of the entire world.  Birds are fed the same, trained the same and there is no drag do to all the birds racing
under the same roof.  Competition at its finest.
So I want to welcome you to my collection of some of the finest racing and breeding
pigeons in the world.  I am proud to introduce you to my loft and the birds

that are placing Ganus Family Loft (GFL) and many other fanciers at the top
of one loft races and local clubs and combines.   Take a look at the results
featured on the website and you will see the accomplishments of the GFL
birds here in the United States and all over the world.   Here in the US,
GFL has helped numerous fanciers win just about every race there is as
well as American Loft Awards and Ace Pigeon Awards.
The results GFL has achieved did not happen overnight.  I have spent
many years buidling a super collection of great birds.  I have taken
countless trips to Europe where I hand selected breeders to add to my loft.
Then I've spent many hours in my loft handling and studying the birds so I
can find the perfect couples.  
Over the years I have had the pleasure to meet many great people in the
sport.  I want to thank everyone who has placed their trust in GFL.  From the
number of fanciers that contact GFL again for some more breeders it is
evident that GFL birds have improved their lofts.  Come join the Ganus team.  Enjoy this wonderful sport by placing your
results at the top of the race sheets with GFL birds.
       Mike Ganus,  Ganus Family Lofts